FeaturesSpecs: SENSORSpecs: ALARM HUB

Part Number:

Battery Strings:
Up to 4 CG-ELS+ Sensor strings containing 2, 4, 6, and 8 Volt batteries

Input Configurations: 
Flexible Configuration, typically 24, 48, 110/120, 220/240 and 480 Volt systems

ELS+ Sensor Arrangement: 
600 CG-ELS+ Sensors per CG-ELS+ HUB with 150 maximum 
CG-ELS+ Sensors for each of the 4 CG-ELS+ HUB inputs

Multiple CG-ELS+ HUB Inputs can be used on a single battery string
to monitor all the cells within the battery string

Alarm Output: 
2 Form C Dry Contacts, 1A
Duplicate connector pins for alarm aggregation from multiple Hub units

LED Status Indicator: 
Green (normal state), Red (alarm state)

Power Input:
120V/240V AC 50/60 Hz AC Wall Adapter to 12 Vdc at 2 Amps max

Power Status LED:
Green when module power is on

Operating Temperature Range: 
-10 to 65° C

Storage Temperature Range: 
-20 to 70° C

3.972” W x 2.023” D x 0.876” H
(100.9 mm W x 51.40 mm D x 22.25 mm H)

94V-0 ABS Plastic Housing

Cable Tie Brackets or Free Standing