Model Numbers:
CAD-5000 (Base Kit) 
CAD-5200 (Enhanced Kit) 
CAD-5500 (Complete Kit)

Tests individual Lead-Acid or Nickel-Cadmium cells or Monoblocs (up to 16Volts) in any common configuration, approximately 10-6000Ah. 

0.8 – 20.0 Volts DC

100 – 19,990 Siemens

Test Data Storage: 
14000 tests stored internally, unlimited with USB drive connected

+/- 2% across test range, Voltage and Conductance

Voltmeter Resolution: 
5 mV

User Programmable Functions: 
• Preset values for over 250 battery types 
• Low voltage alarm setting 
• Low conductance warning 
• Low conductance failure 
• Test mode (push button/auto start)

Franklin Electric will work with each customer to establish a regular calibration program if it is required by their quality or other management system

Cable Options: 
• Dual contact clamps 
• Dual contact probes 
• Custom cables by quotation

Power Requirements: 
• 7.2V, 2300AH, NiMH 
• Internal swappable battery & charger

LCD – FSTN 2.619 in x 1.309 in, 128 x 64 pixels, 40 degree viewing angle, contrast ratio 8, Green LED backlight

Alph-numeric, Stainless-steel dome, polycarbonate overlay, 1,000,000 actuations

Data Transfer: 
• USB Flash Drive (Type A)
• USB PC Interface (Type B)
• Infra-red, half-duplex IRDA protocol for printer

Environmental Operating Range: 
0 to +40C, 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

Storage Temperature: 
-20 to 50C

Over Voltage Protection: 
• Auto-reset disconnect
• Reverse polarity protected

Housing Material: 
Acid resistant ABS plastic santoprene overmold

Analyzer Dimensions: 
• 11 in x 4 in x 3 in 
• 280 mm x 105 mm x 80 mm

Case Dimensions: 
• 19 in x 15.5 in x 7 in 
• 485 mm x 395 mm x 180 mm

Analyzer Weight: 
1Kg / 2.6 lb

Shipping Weight: 
Approximately 5Kg/11 Lbs