Model Number:

Franklin Electric standard one-year warranty

Use of sealed lead-acid batteries for security systems, emergency lighting, mobility vehicles, uninterruptible power supplies, and more

Conductance Range: 
20 to 1200 Mhos/Siemens

Battery Capacity Range: 
1.2 Ah to 55 Ah

Power Requirements: 
Powered by the battery under test

Voltage Range: 
6.0 to 14.0 VDC

4 Position LED alpha-numeric readout 
LED mode indication

Operating Temperature: 
0 to 120 degree F) -18 to 50 degree C

Interface Operations: 
Patent pending clips designed for a wide range of applications

Housing Material: 
Acid resistant ABS plastic

Product Dimensions: 
7.5″ X 3.5″ X 2.0″ (230 mm X 102 mm X 65 mm)

Product Weight: 
1 lb / 427 grams